Fun Stuff

I'm going to have field days with this! I could just write of ton per day of the What to Wear daily slips. In retrospect the notepad comes in handy when someone stops to ask me what to wear. I didn't have it with me when my co-worker asked me what to wear for an all black attire event. I explained in detail from hair to make-up to accessories. It's now in my purse! I bought it from Anthropologie. You can purchase from knockknockstuff.com


Book of the month series

Every month I will make sure to post a book based on fashion, beauty, or art. Whatever stikes the match! I recently purchased a book named 'Fashion Designers' Stretchbook' by Hywel Davies. Here's a bit of infomation about the book. 'Fashion Designers' Stretchbook' explores many major names working in the fashion industry today. Photographs, stretches, mood boards, line-ups, toiles, fabric swatches and more all contribute to the creation of ideas for fashion designs, and they bought together for the first time to show how the final work is conceived and developed. Hywel Davies is a freelance fashion writer based in London.


Sad news today

Young designer Jonas Bevacqua founder of LRG dies today. I have a boyfriend, 2 brothers and guy friends who are 'advocate' wearers of LRG apparel for many years. Sad to hear about fashion pioneers that have made a positive impact lose their life early.