Fall in Love with Fall 2010

I pulled some looks from Fall 2010 runway that inspires me. Sahara meets winter chic. Wow, something about this look from DVF fall collection just screams boho meets city woman coming through! Peter Dundas has really been my man for the past 3 seasons of Emilio Pucci. I can post the entire collection but I chose a few for right now. I see one sexy maxi style gown (not posted) to be a hit for summer!

"Make It Work"

As you are aware of all the high fashion designers working with retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, H&M, etc... I decided to invest in a brand from Wal-Mart. Remember! Fashion comes with style, and style is anywhere.
I found a really cute black short romper with 80's gold deco buttons all over. So I thought, it's cute, black, shorts, humid summer days, not my style of buttons, and cheap! For $15, my new romper and I went straight to my favorvite fabric shop on St. Charles Ave, Promenade. I found the best boho-brassy textured buttons to add on for just under 10 bucks.


Loving on UK designers

I have been keeping up with alot of UK/London brands and designers for a long time. (I will post soon all my favorite labels.) So when I see really cute stuff, I freak out with excitment! lol. Here are some of my fav from DUNE UK. top to bottom; JIRAFFE, JET

Much Ado About Nothing!

Hi guys I know is has been quite sometime since I last posted, but life as you know it, takes a whirlwind. Now, more focused to achieve goals for the year, I will make it my duty to post day by day. Please if you have any question, just email or post it and I will reply truthfully.
Have a great day!!