Ok I maybe one of many people that didn't need longer, thicker eyelashes but I had to jump on the bandwagon on all these products that are meant to grow beautiful lashes. I've been using Revitalash for about a 6 months now, off and on because I tend to forget to apply at night. It truly works! I love the creator and story behind this brand because it was made for lukecyma patients who suffered from hair loss. As women, we all feel beautiful regardless of any obstacles that life throws at us, and at times we definitely like to enhance our beauty. I can definitely stand up for this line plus you will do a great thing by purchasing it, the proceeds of your purchase will go towards cancer research! Doing a good deed and looking good always work for me!!


Super Bowl!!!

YAY! New Orleans won the bid on where SuperBowl will be for the upcoming year. I was hoping for N.O. to win. This city needs it. Now lets get the Saints playing for SuperBowl, now that's a challenge!! Haha!



Dress For Success

Great oppurtunity always come when you look sharp and have a positive attitude.

Always a classic look for daily duties without looking overdone is;
dark demin jeans, classic solid color button-up, 2 inch or more heel or sandal. Accessorize with 1 bold piece of jewelry, perferably a necklace or bracelet. I really like a nice watch, that's something you will never go wrong with. Don't forget your hangbag, keep it fun yet professional.

Remember, you'll never know who you will bump into so look great when it happens, and that can be your chance of a lifetime!

I will have more pictures for you guys to check out some places to shop and know which style to invest in.


UNDER CONSTRUCTION !!! Bare With Me Please

Yes it's been a while since my last post only because I've been collecting fun items to display. Now that I have time from my busy schedule, I just want you guys to know.

Thanks for being patient, its going to be well worth the wait!


Introduction, express views

I'm so excited to start my first fashion blog, yay! Hopefully I can bring many to understand how I view fashion and have you guys look at it as art, a masterpiece! And for those of you who are on the same page with me, well keep on doing your thing and express your thoughts with the world. Expressing individuality is the most important component of style.

Little by little I will post fun facts and opinions of the fashion industry. Styling tips, what's in and out, budget shopping, and so much more! Please come back to check on new posts.